Feedback 400 200'All aspects of the course, practical ad theoretical, were immensely valuable!'  Joyce Lawrence, health professional in aged care, QLD.

‘The workshop was awesome and I have learnt a great deal.’
Susan Tripney, community health officer, New South Wales Health

‘Several of our clinicians have done your Tai Chi training course - they were all very impressed with the course content'
Anna Lobley, Professional Development Officer, Mobile Rehab 

‘I am honored to have had such top quality presenters/teachers 
who are 
inspiring examples of Tai Chi’s benefits.’
Rahima Richardson, senior physiotherapist, Western Australia 

Lecture 2'Great course instructors/presenters'
Kirsty Prior, physiotherapist for community health, Queensland 

'Excellent components taught for passing onto my clients. 
All levels of client ability covered and considered'
Robyn Pinches, allied health practitioner, Victoria

'I enjoyed the course and learnt heaps during the course'
May Kwan, team leader and senior neurology physiotherapist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

'The course was very informative and course presenters were highly knowledgeable.'
Caroline Smith, physiotherapist at Graylands Hospital, Western Australia 

'What a brilliant, insightful course! I learnt a lot about controlled exercise and its benefits.'
Nicola Staff, fitness instructor and physical activity leader, New South Wales

Temple 1‘The training course was all fabulous!'
Vicki Hunt, senior Tai Chi instructor and physical activity leader, Queensland

'Very valuable course! Skills and knowledge gained from the course will be very beneficial to myself and my clients'
Anne Fell, fitness instructor, New South Wales

'I appreciate your dedication to presenting such excellent Tai Chi programs to improve the health and wellbeing of the community through training Tai Chi instructors to a high level competency to conduct the programs'
Elizabeth Halfnights, senior Tai Chi instructor, ACT

"Both theory and practical components were excellent."
Mark Polley, physiotherapist, Sunshine Coast Hospital, Queensland 

'What a wonderful China Trip! Our accommodation, hotels, sightseeing so much of China and all without any stress was amazing. Our hotel, food and sightseeing were all five star. We could not have asked for anything better. Thank you both for all your hard work'
Jacqueline Walther,Western Australia


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