Dr Henry Zheng delivered a lecture on evidence on Tai Chi for health and falls prevention at NSW Branch, Australian Physiotherapy Association 


APA NSW Lecture 350x213Falls are the leading course of injury-related deaths and injury-related hospitalizations in the eldly population. Falls prevention has been identified as a health priority area. There is compelling research evidence that Tai Chi is effective in reducing the risk of falls and preventing falls.

At the invitation of New South Wales Branch of Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), Dr Henry Zheng recently delivered a lecture to APA Members on research evidence on Tai Chi interventions for reducing the risk of falls and preventing falls.

The lecture focused on research evidence and exercise physiology underpinning the Tai Chi for Health and Falls Prevention Program, which was accredited by Australian Physiotherapy Association and Fitness Australia as a national training course for continuing education and professional development for physiotherapists and other allied health practitioners and exercise professionals.