Tai Chi for Cardiopulmonary Health


The Tai Chi for Cardiopulmonary Health Program is based on mounting evidence that Tai Chi can significantly improve a range of cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary health parameters for cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory patients. 14 randomized control trials conducted around the world on Tai Chi for cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary diseases demonstrated that Tai Chi significantly improved  cardiac  function,  coronary  risk profile and quality of life (QOL). Tai Chi also improved heart  rate and  heart  rate  response, blood  pressure, baroreflex sensitivity and peak oxygen uptake, left ventricular ejection fraction, enhanced 6MWD (six-minute walking distance) and increased CRQ total score (Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire). 

As listed below, 12 out of the 14 randomized control trials were based on Yang Style Tai Chi, which is the style used for the Tai Chi for Cardiopulmonary Health Program


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