Alice 350 NewAlice L Yuan

Alice L Yuan is an exercise specialist and leading international authority in development and teaching of evidence-based, safe, effective and innovative Tai Chi and Qigong health programs for primary prevention and rehabilitation of chronic conditions and falls, and improvement of mental health and cognition, functional abilities and quality of life.

Alice has conducted national and international accreditation training courses for evidence-based Tai Chi and Qigong health programs for health and exercise professionals for over 20 years in Australia and overseas. Alice was also a past gold medallist in national and international competitions and is frequently invited to judge at national and international Tai Chi and Qigong competitions.

Henry.350Dr Henry Zheng

Dr Henry Zheng is a professor in exercise intervention for primary prevention and rehabilitation. He received a doctoral degree from the Faculty of Medicine, the University of New South Wales. His PhD research focused on quantification of the effect size and dose-response of physical activity interventions in reducing the risk of and preventing coronary heart disease.

Dr Henry Zheng’s research interests span exercise interventions for prevention and rehabilitation of chronic conditions and falls, improvement of mental health and cognitiion; and promotion of active and healthy ageing. His doctoral and postdoctoral research has been published in international peer-reviewed journals including European Journal of Epidemiology, British Medical Journal (Open), American Journal of Infection Control, Journal of International Body Composition Research, Journal of International Institute on Ageing (BOLD), United Nations and International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics. His recent paper on chronic wound co-authored with Professor Graves won the Best Research Paper of the Year Award by the Australian Journal Wound Practice and Research.

Dr Henry Zheng was a guest speaker and presenter at national and international conferences including the 25th International Council for Physical Activity and Fitness Research Symposium, California, USA; the 14th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine; 2010 Sydney Dementia Prevention and Care Symposium and the 8th World Health Economics Congress in Toronto, Canada. Dr Henry Zheng was recently invited as a chair for the 11th Asian Pacific Global Summit on Healthcare held on May 8-9, 2019 in Tokyo Japan.