The Qigong for Health and Fitness Program


P4 350Fitness Australia Accredited Program (15 CECs) 

Australia International Exercise Medicine Health Institute Accreditation Program (17 CPDs)
Exercise Medicine Australia National Accreditation Program (17 CPDs)


The therapeutic benefits of Qigong have been known for centuries. The ancient healing art is supported with mounting research evidence on improvement of a range of health outcomes.  15 randomized control trials conducted around the world demonstrated that practice of Qigong significantly improved cardiopulmonary health, physical function, quality of life, self-efficacy, mental health,  immune function and bone health. 

P2 350Based on mounting research evidence and guided by exercise prescription principles and safety guidelines, the Qigong for Health and Fitness Program is developed to stimulate energy flow, improve the energy system and achieve energy balance, thus reducing the risk of metabolic conditions associated with energy imbalance.  It is also designed to improve cardio-respiratory health, enhance immune system and bone health, increase muscle strength, flexibility and overall fitness, achieve mental and physical relaxation, and improve quality of life.

This is a practical training course involving step-by-step teaching and practice of the program. The theoretical component focuses on research evidence underpinning the Qigong for Health and Fitness Program. 

This course is suitable for health and exercise professionals interested in the therapeutic benefits of Qigong for health and fitness. The course is also open to physical activity leaders, community health workers, carers, Tai Chi and Qigong instructors, volunteers and the general public. 

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