p27 350Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) Accredited Program (14 CPDs)
Fitness Australia Accredited Program (15 CECs) 
Australia International Exercise Medicine Health Institute Accredtation Program (17 CPDs)
Exercise Medicine Australia Accreditation Program (17 CPDs)






p14 350 Falls are by far the most common cause of injury for the elderly. About 28-35% of people aged 65 and over fall each year. Falls have devastating health and economic consequences. Fall injury is the leading cause of injury-related deaths and the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations in those aged 65 and older. 

Falls are however preventable. There is compelling evidence on the effectiveness of Tai Chi in preventing falls. 13 randomised control trials around the world have consistently demonstrated that Tai Chi is effective in reducing the risk of falls and preventing falls. 12 out of the 13 randomised control trials are based on Yang Style Tai Chi, which is the style used for the Tai Chi for Health and Falls Prevention Program. 

P5 350Guided by exercise prescription principles and safety guidelines, the Tai Chi for Health and Falls Prevention Program is an evidence-based, safe and targeted Tai Chi intervention program designed to increase the strength of lower limb muscles and knee and ankle extensors; improve mobility, motion range and coordinated postural stability; improve dynamic balance and postural control; prevent bone demineralisation and reduce the risk of bone fracture; improve toe clearance, proprioception and gait; increase mental alertness and reduce reaction time; boost confidence and overcome anxiety and the fear of falling.

The Tai Chi for Health and Falls Prevention program was accredited by Australian Physiotherapy Association and Fitness Australia as a national training course for continuing education and professional development for health and exercise professionals. This course is also open to physical activity leaders, community health workers, Tai Chi and Qigong instructors, carers and volunteers

P16 350The program contains both standing and chair-based modules for clients or patients with all levels of balance and mobility. This is a practical training course involving step by step teaching and practice of the program. There is also a theoretical component focusing on research evidence underpinning the techniques of the Tai Chi intervention program for health and falls prevention, and teaching and practice guidelines.

The program has been supported by health departments and relevant falls prevention bodies. Special package for tailored in-house training for the program is available.


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