Hospital 350Collaborative Research

Exercise Medicine Australia collaborates with public and private research organizations including universities and hospitals on joint research projects on safe and targeted Tai Chi and Qigong interventions for primary prevention and rehabilitation.

A recent joint research project conducted by the Prince Charles Hospital and Exercise Medicine Australia focused on cardiopulmonary health using a safe, targeted and innovative Tai Chi intervention program – the Tai Chi for Cardiopulmonary Health Program developed by Exercise Medicine Australia.

The results of the recent clinical trial showed that 12 week practice of the Tai Chi for Cardiopulmonary Health Program significantly improved the cardiopulmonary patients’ life schema on SIWB.

P34 350SIWB index is widely used in studies of chronic illness, aging, and palliative care to measure health-related quality of life and wellbeing. The results of the study also showed a trend for reduction in depressive symptoms in the patients.

Improvement in the patients' lower limb strength and balance has also been reported. The study has reported that throughout the trial, there have been no adverse events reported. 

The results of the trial were reported at the Inaugural Scientific Meeting of the Pulmonary Hypertension Society of Australia and New Zealand in Sydney, Australia.

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