Tai Chi for Pain Management

Course introduction

Pain poses a huge public health challenge. Globally, it has been estimated that 1 in 5 adults suffer from pain and that another 1 in 10 adults are diagnosed with chronic pain each year. Pain has multiple, serious sequelae including but not limited to depression, inability to work, disrupted social relationships and suicidal thoughts. Of those living with chronic pain, the median time of exposure is 7 years.

There is growing evidence that Tai Chi is effective in reducing chronic pain. A systematic review and meta-analysis of six randomised control trials (RCTs) demonstrated that Tai Chi had significantly greater effects on patients with fibromyalgia than standard care. Another recent systematic review and meta-analysis of ten RCTs concluded that Tai Chi significantly decreased low back pain and improved function disability index.

Based on research evidence, informed by exercise science and guided by exercise prescription principles and safety guidelines, the Tai Chi for Pain Management Program is designed to increases muscle strength and endurance, improve motion range, mobility and posture, reduce pain and pain-related symptoms, and improve functional ability and the quality of life.

What to learn

The course contains practical and theoretical module

Practical Module 

  • Step by step teaching and practice of the evidence-based and targeted Tai Chi intervention program
  • How to teach the program safely and effectively

Theoretical Module 

  • Epidemiology of pain
  • Types of pain and risk factors of pain
  • Objectives of the Tai Chi for Pain Management Program
  • Research evidence and exercise science underpinning the Tai Chi for Pain Management Program.
  • Teaching and practice guidelines

Why choose this course by EMA

  • Based on compelling research evidence
  • Informed by exercise science
  • Guided by exercise prescription principles and safety guidelines
  • Accredited or supported by national or international professional governing bodies
  • Over 20 years of dedication to continuing education for health and exercise professionals
  • High level of course participants’ satisfaction
  • Gaining certification to practice/teach the program in community, healthcare or residential settings
  • Expanding your professional skills and gaining 15 CPD / CECs for your processional development
  • Complete learning resources (course manual and step-by-step teaching video) provided
  • Ongoing professional development support

To enrol in this course

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