The Qigong for Health and Fitness Program

The therapeutic benefits of Qigong have been known for centuries. The ancient healing art is supported by mounting research evidence on improvement of a range of health benefits. As an evidence-based advanced form of Qigong, the Qigong for Health and Fitness Program (also known as 8-Form Mulan Qigong) is designed to effectively stimulate energy flow and increase energy level; improve musculoskeletal,cardiorespiratory and immune health, overall bodily functions and quality of life. The DVD features introduction to Qigong from the perspective of exercise science and TCM; the scientific concept of Qi (Chi); warm-up exercise and step-by-step teaching and demonstration of the Qigong program by Alice L Yuan, a leading international Tai Chi and Qigong expert. The price includes a DVD and music CD.

Original price was: $69.00.Current price is: $49.00.

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